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Our optometry office has now moved to the Costco in Frederick, Maryland!

The office of Dr. Iliana Garrido is now located inside of the Costco in Frederick, Maryland. Although we are located inside of Costco, you DO NOT need a membership in order to receive an exam here. The prescriptions, written by the doctor, are free to be filled anywhere. Many people take advantage of our location and walk right outside of our doors to the Costco Optical Department. Keep in mind that if you are purchasing glasses or contacts from here, you will need a Costco membership! Whether it is for a new pair of glasses or a box of contact lenses, the Costco Optical Department will exceed your expectations with their competitive pricing and great customer service. We do accept walk-ins at our office (when available); however, it is highly recommended to have an appointment.

If you need any medical records during our move, please call (410)-391-8095.

However, if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Garrido at the Frederick location, please call

(301) 682-3459.

**Check for more information**

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